Western Australia Trip 2016 Day 2

22nd May 2016:
Murray Bridge – Port Augusta, 381km
Day 2 started yet another wonderful day, Opened up the sway, looked straight up to a clear blue sky. This however did not last, but that did not deter us. We left the caravan park at ~8.30, headed in the general direction of Port Augusta via Gawler. Today, a much shorter day at just 381km, but I did find 34 caches .

Here is a map of today’s travels:

Murray Bridge to Port Augusta

Cache highlight for me today was “Foot Long (Field Puzzle)” by **JEM** which was a lot of fun. Sorry, no spoilers here.

As we approached Gawler, we could see a dust storm in the distance, and just as we were heading out, we drove through the thick of it, a super eerie experience, at one point, having to slow to walking pace as the vision was down to only about 10 metres.

Arrived at the Top Tourist park in Port Augusta, just in time to setup camp and take a photo  before dark.




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