Western Australia Trip 2016 Day 3

23rd May 2016:
Port Augusta – Port Lincoln, 369.4km
After saying goodbye to my travelling companions of the first 2 days, I headed off towards Port Lincoln. with some pretty specific destinations.

Port Augusta to Port Lincoln

First was just short of Whyalla, at Wild Dog Hill, Whyalla Conservation Park. it was a cache of historic significance as it was placed in May 2001. It was also in need of a replacement container, so I went armed with a 1L Sistema container which I assumed would be big enough. Alas no, a much bigger cache was in place, so I placed the log books in the new 1L container and left the swaps in the broken (UV effected) one. The next one I was after was Australia’s First Inter-cache which I was able to complete without issue, although I ended up replacing this one too as there was pretty much no doubt that this one was missing.

After this, continued on into Whyalla, found a few Traditionals, an Earth cache, followed by a D5/T5 Challenge cache which I had qualified for. Total caches found was 17 including 5 different types.

One of the many views in Whyalla:

I was planning to freecamp somewhere near Port Lincoln but got in so late, couldnt find anywhere. I arrived at the Top Tourist just after 6PM, the attendant had just locked the doors and was about to leave and took pity on me and re opened the office to find me some space for the night, so a massive thanks to “That Guy”. Next, Ceduna…..


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