Western Australia Trip 2016 Day 5

25th May 2016:
Ceduna SA to Near Cocklebiddy WA 820km

Ceduna to Near Cocklebiddy

Quite a big driving day today, started off very badly, I was woken to pouring rain and pretty much remained for most of the day. I did however manage to find some caches along the way. Didn’t manage to see too much due to the weather, although the latter part of the day it did fine up and given the WA Border cross, gained an extra 2 hours. The Nullarbor is certainly a drive I would not want to do too often, but is now something I have crossed off my list.

Here are a few pictures I took in the finer parts of the day:




  1. Hi Adriaan, I’m enjoying reading about your trip and particularly enjoy the photography. You’ve inspired me to make my own WordPress blog about our holidays. We are heading to Bali tomorrow and it’s a good way for the parents to follow our trip when they don’t use Facebook much. The only trouble is that it took 3 attempts and lots of swear words to set up my WordPress page and it’s still not right, but it’ll do. I can only hope I can make mine look as nice as yours as I go along. Might need a tutorial one day as I plan to continue using it for all of our holidays…yes, there’s a few!! In the next few months I’ll be in Bali twice and Hamilton Island 🙂 Hooray for the bludge-life.


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