Western Australia Trip 2016 Day 6

May 26th 2016
Near Cocklebiddy – Esperance 635km

Cocklebiddy to Esperance

My original Plan for today had been to travel from Cocklebiddy to Norseman. Due to time zone differences, I awoke bright and early and ended up way ahead of schedule, so in the end got all the way to Esperance where I again caught up with Alansee, Maccamob and Mica Paramedic. Overall, It was a great day, First thing, just after the Cocklebiddy, I spotted a herd?? of camels which was a unique sight for me (No picture unfortunately). I then was very lucky and managed to dodge a kangaroo, just clipping it’s tail (No damage). I then continued along the way, finding some Traditional as well as Earth caches along the way. I also managed to locate about 16 GCA Trig points which was fun and really broke up the journey.

A lot of selfies taken today of me an some pretty random places that had some almost non existent Trig points.


And some other Pictures:


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