Western Australia Trip 2016 Day 9

May 29th
Albany to somewhere North of Mount Barker via Denmark.

Started today by packing up the car as I would again be leaving my companions after today to head out to find some higher terrain caches and do some kayaking. We were joined today by The Coffees and I think we would all agree we were looking forward to the roymerc caches in Denmark for some time.


I left a little earlier so I could go and check out a couple of other caches I was interested before meeting up with the others along the road. Without going into any specific detail, all I can say is OH MY!! The caches this bloke has put out in and around this town are simply mind blowing. I will post a few pictures, but nothing that will give away the cache. We had a break for morning Tea at a nearby winery that also do their own coffee beans and then had a good lunch at the Boston Brewery. It was about 5PM when I said goodbye to my fellow cachers and headed north to find a camp for the night.



20160529_12011520160529_09583920160529_112116 20160529_141003 20160529_141803 20160529_143629 20160529_144008 20160529_152648


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