Western Australia Trip 2016 Day 19

June 8th 2016

Roadside stop just over the WA/SA Border to Whyalla Foreshore Holiday Park


I woke up this morning to a fierce wind, so I quickly packed up and was soon on my way. A VERY long day of driving today, I had originally intended to just get to Ceduna, but when I arrived, just after lunch, the wind was still blowing a gale something fierce, so I decided to keep driving as there would really be nothing much I could do outside in these conditions… I pressed on. I did some wildlife spotting along the way….I saw some wild dogs, a wild cat, a rabbit and some camels which I stopped and attempted to get some pictures, but as soon as I stopped, they simply ran away the big buggers…..

I did stop for a few caches along the way, including some of the best earth caches I have ever done, not for the learning experience but for the fantastic locations. Still blowing a gale, so I didn’t stay too long.

I was very glad to arrive at the Caravan park just after 8pm, it had been a long day with much driving, at a guess, I think I did ~1000km.




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