Western Australia Trip 2016 Day 20-24

June 9th – June 13th

Well, back home now and back to reality Work huh…. Anyway, the last 5 days of my trip were fast and furious.

June 9th

Whyalla Foreshore Holiday Park to Port Augusta Top Tourist Caravan Park via Iron Knob.

After a viciously windy night, the sun wasn’t shining but the wind had eased off. Today, I would be just caching my way to Port Augusta, but the forecast wasn’t too great, with showers throughout the day.


First thing, I headed out to Point Lowly to check out the lighthouse and to find a rather unloved cache. It was a beautiful spot and I would think not often visited.

After a good lunch back in Whyalla, I began heading towards Iron Knob, picking up some random caches along the way.

Finally, I started heading to Port Augusta, as the rain seemed to have set in. Geez, the weather was so up and down today as not long after, the rain had stopped again….. Then it started again. Upon arrival at Port Augusta, the heavens opened. Luckily it didnt last long as I didnt fancy setting up the swag in the rain. Felt lazy tonight, so grabbed a pizza for dinner.

June 10th

Port Augusta to  Wirrabara Caravan Park

Today, I was headed to Wirrabara to attend the SA June Long Weekend annual event. It was only an hour or so down the road, so plenty of time to explore along the way. I decided a visit to Mount Remarkable National Park was in order, then discovered there was a $10 entry, payable online. What a crappy spot to tell me about this… No coverage. I drove forward to the next available car park which had coverage. Happy Days!!! What a simply stunning area, I was only planning on spending a couple of hours here, but in the end I was here most of the day after deciding to do an 11Km Loop walk to Mount Cavern. After that it was just a 30 minute drive to Wirrabara football oval / caravan park where there were already some of the early arrivals for the weekends events. Joined about 30 others at the local pub for a great dinner.

June 11th

Wirrabara to Melrose and back…

I worked out last night that due to pure distance, I would not be able to take part in the competition part of the event as it didn’t finish until 4pm on Sunday, by which time, I should be well on my way back to Victoria. So, instead I headed up towards Melrose for the nearby rare Virtual cache. I lucked upon a day there was a big mountain bike event in town, so the main street was closed off and there was lots of lunch type stalls as well as some other random stuff and a demo stunt track in the middle of the street. Had a great day hiking in the hills beyond and returned back to town in time for dinner at the pub again, followed by attending the event at the RSL hall in the main street.

June 12th

Wirrabara to Horsham

A massive drive was on for today, woke up to an extremely cold morning, where ice had gathered on my car and swag. I hung around town for a bit, finding some of the local caches and was lucky enough to get my first South Australian FTF. The rest of the day was pretty much driving to Horsham where I was meeting up with Kirsten and Andy at the RSL for dinner before finding a camp for the night.


June 13th

Horsham to Home

Over dinner last night, a plan was hatched to find some challenge caches in Ballarat on the way home. First thing, I went for a visit to Mackenzie’s falls. It was quite cold down there, but not a soul about and some great falls.

I met up with OHC and 8A8 in Stawell and we spent the day in Ballarat finding the mentioned challenge caches as well as a few others, followed by the drive home, getting back in time for dinner with my family. A nice ending to a fantastic few weeks on the road.


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