A 4 Night P&O Cruise

At the start of February, the 1st in fact, I spent four nights on a P&O Cruise to Port Lincoln via Kangaroo Island. Along with my Dad, we boarded the 1900 passenger & 700 staff “Pacific Jewel”


This was my first experience in cruising, not sure if it was my thing, but it was however great to spend a few days relaxing with my Dad. If I had known more about how it all worked, I would have come along more prepared. Having said that, winging it and taking each day as it came was a relaxing way to go about it.

The first stop that was not at sea was at the beautiful Kangaroo Island. We had not booked or tried to book anything before we got on board which in retrospect was a mistake as all the reasonable priced shore tours were booked out and all the hire cars were booked out. It was a simply stunning day weather wise so, we made the best of it and went for a bit of a morning walk and even managed to find a couple of geocaches along the way.

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The next day we were again on dry land, although it was not too dry with rain falling as I exited the boat, I spent the morning solo checking out the shops and also finding a few caches.

In the afternoon we had a Seafood cruise booked. Unfortunately the weather had continued to play not very nicely, but Dad and I along with 20 – 30 others made the best of it for a great afternoon on the bay.

I must say, the food on-board was pretty good, but for the final night, we decided to treat ourselves to a Luke Mangan Signature restaurant which did cost a little more, but well worth it.


I think overall, It was a good experience. Would I go again? Possibly, as long as some planning had gone into it, especially for the days on land.



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