The Yarra Expedition Part 7

The Yarra Expedition is a series of events where an intrepid group of cachers will walk, run, ride paddle and swim the length of the Yarra river, starting in Williamstown, we have now almost reached Yarra Glen.

This weeks event was a reverse paddle starting at Spadoni’s Nature Reserve and finishing around 16km downstream at Lower Homestead Road. Unfortunately due to a back injury, I was unable to take part in the paddle, however my physio has said I can walk and swim, so I found another way to get to the official event at Yering Gorge…. Thats right, I walked and I swam, then afterwards I swam and walked. It was about a 1.6km walk each way followed by a 30m swim to GZ. Not the easiest way to get to an event, I certainly earned my Terrain stars 🙂 I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

All peaceful at GZ
Could have told me that before I swam over from the other side.
Me at GZ
The whole crew at GZ
Paddlers are leaving.
The paddling crew ready to go again.
Swimming my way back over to the other side
jacko and Jentrek arriving at the end of the 16k paddle

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