Arrival in the U.K. and a day out!

Day 1, A plane ride to London

Well, finally after 32 hours of Transit which included close to 40 hours with around only 2 hours sleep, I finally made it to the U.K. and to my Aunts place in Rickmansworth.

So, Business class, I would say overall, worthwhile, I upgraded using ~80,000 points and would do it again if given the opportunity. Yes, the cost is high, but just to be able to stretch out as far as you like made it absolutely a more comfortable trip.


The other thing that was really useful is the chauffeur  pickup from home to Tullamarine  and pickup from Heathrow Airport to my accommodation in Rickmansworth. A fantastic service that saves any problems getting to or from airports.

So, Day 1 was pretty much a write-off with arrival at my aunts place around 3.30 and me being so tired I even kept dropping things like cutlery and cups at a family dinner that night. I struggled but managed to stay up until 9pm UK time.

Day 2, a walk around Rickmansworth and an afternoon in London.

Spent the morning with Sonja, Scott, Imogen and Amelia walking along the canals and old rail trails, getting some exercise and finding some geocaches.


After a walk in the morning, after lunch we all headed into london for a “Surprise Treat” for Imogen and Amelia, Starting with a train ride in London. I must say, they really do make it easy to travel on public transport for tourists with an impressively smoothly running tap and go system.


We took a bit of a walk around London, just a taste seeing Big Ben, London Eye, The Horses Guard, St James’s Park, Buckingham Palace (The Queen was in but didn’t make an appearance) and Trafalgar Square.


It was a great day!!




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