Scotland Driveby Day 1.

Spent the morning in Edinburgh, walking around taking in the sites and picking up a few geocaches along the way including an illusive Webcam. I would now form experience NOT recommended walking around any town with a 20+Kg suitcase, A laptop and a pillow and doonah cover which I also managed to stuff into the suitcase.

On top of all this, I was also having trouble with my phone provider who could not provide me with any reliable internet access, so I ended up wandering around town aimlessly really not sure where I was going. (Dont use the phone / internet provider GiffGaff, horrible to deal with and no Phone Tech Support). In the end, I bought another Sim card from “Argos” where I got the doonah and pillow. Company is EE and they have been great, very helpful, good coverage and actually cheaper then “GiffGaff” ~$20 for 4Gb for 30 days. (Rant Over)

I then headed for the Eazicampers near the Airport where the experience was awesome, they let me pickup earlier than agreed on and Both Teddy and Michael were fantastic, showing me how to use everything.


Let the road trip begin.  🙂

Heading North to do as many of the caches of the Aberdeenshire Geotour as I could, I headed for the first one at Braemar Castle which was built in 1628. With daylight savings here in the UK, we get daylight from ~4.30am until 11.30pm, so much time to play. So I continued on in an easterly until I was too tired to go any firther, finding 3 more of the Geotour Geocaches before finding a great place to camp for the night. I had picked up a fantastic tasing Chicken Tikka Masala with some rice for dinner from a nearby town.


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