Scotland Driveby Day 3

Started the day with a very cool letterbox-hybrid cache which had me crawling into a drain pipe to retrieve the container. Good Fun!

I then headed towards Glen Ord in the hope of getting on a Whiskey tour – A must do while in Scotland. First available was 11.45, so I headed off to find some brunch. an odd combination of banana and maple bacon in a croissant. Tasted pretty good.  I got on a tour that was a little pricey, but really very interesting and got a taste of their Singleton 12, 15 and 18 Year single malts, fantastic and a scored a free whiskey glass as a parting gifa as well as a small smaple of each to do with what I would like {Insert Smiley}. Left with a bottle of 12 year old which I squeezed into the budget.

The rest of the day involved a visit to Loch Ness (You gotta go dont you?) which I actually found a little underwhelming. Same, Same as I drove south on the west side of the Loch, It may have been a lot better if I had actually seen Nessy {Insert Smiley Tongue}. This followed the drive to Skye which I had been warned to not go due to the traffic, but it was fine, been in far worse back home. Upon arrival, it was all worthwile, the surrounding hills and scenery were simply stunning.


I was headed to the Spar Cave, recommended to me via a geocachecache that took me deep into the cave. Very cool stuff. I was on a bit of a race against time as getting there and back was tide dependant, so it had to happen quickly. No problems there. This is now in my top 5 Earthcaches of all time, possibly even #1. Impressed? Yep I sure am.

I then headed back along the road, in search of a nice spot to camp for the night. Did I find one? Hell Yeah!! It has now started Raining, so an early night to bed for me. Big day tomorrow towards Fort William and Ben Nevis.



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