Scotland Driveby Day 7

Today I headed from the Carron Valley Reservoir, south west of Stirling to Bonaly Country Park Via Stirling and Glasgow.

I got up early to try and pickup some more of the Challenge caches I had been attempting to find over the past couple of days, a beautiful spot to stretch the legs.

I then meandered my way towards Stirling, of course via a few more caches.

Stirling was a beautiful old town with heaps of cafes, restaurants and pubs to keep everyone happy and fed. I had lunch including Soup and a coffee which was fantastic.

The Coffee, although it looks just like an ordinary cuppa, was outstanding. The Sweet Potato, Lime and Coconut soup was also pretty good.


I then pretty much did a driveby of Glasgow just to be able to claim an old virtual cache.


I then headed for Bonlay Country Park for a walk, a couple of caches and to setup camp for the night.

Last day in Scotland tomorrow, just some time to venture further around Edinburgh before heading for St Bees where the Coast to Coast awaits.


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