Coast to Coast UK 2019 – Day 3

Ennerdale Bridge to Stonethwaite (26.39km)

A massive day saw the five of us heading around 27km from Ennerdale Bridge to Stonethwaite. Certainly not an easy day and all of us got to Stonethwaite very tired but content with our efforts. We were more then happy to stay at our accommodation for dinner and it turned out to be probably the best meal so far.

The day started quite well with some small country roads, then a gentle (or so we thought) walk along the south side of the lake. It turned out to be quite a bit tougher than expected, not a smooth straight forward track, nut a rocky trail which despite its difficulty was still quite beautiful.

We then left the surrounds of the lake towards the Ennerdale YHA for a short break and toilet stop. After that we started to gain some altitude before dropping down into the valley to the Black Sail YHA where we stopped for a bite to eat for lunch. I even managed to find a few geocaches along the way.

That is where the real hard work of the day begun, where we begun the very long and tough climb out of the valley and then back towards Honister slate mine. From there begun another hard slog down further into the valley finishing at Stonethwaite


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