Coast to Coast UK 2019 – Day 4

Stonethwaite to Lancrigg (13.22km)

Today was supposed to be a nice easy one, a casual 10km stroll through the countryside in the Lakes District. Wrong! We really need to look closer at the map,. This is one of the top 5 hardest 10k’s I have done (My Garmin watch gave me 13.6km)

It didn’t help that we did not go prepared for an almost full day and had no lunch with us, finally arriving in Lancrigg (near Grasmere) at around 4pm. Four of us managed to gain enough energy for the 1.3Km walk into Grasmere to grab some world famous gingerbread, a drink (Had to be a diet Coke after a recent conversation on a nearby hill as to how much we would pay for one…) and an Ice Cream which hit the spot nicely after no lunch today and would tide us off before dinner.


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