Coast to Coast UK 2019 – Day 8 & 9

Orton to Kirkby Stephen (22.02km)

Firstly I forgot to mention in Yesterdays Post (Day 7) than we hit the 100Km Mark in our walk, so we stopped just before lunch to celebrate with a quick picture.


Today was our 3rd 20km+ day in a row, but thankfully a much easier pace than the previous two days and with the point in the back of all our heads that we had a rest day for Day 9.

Babies, berries and big open fields was the theme of the morning. We started in Orton, at first along the roadway out of town, where we saw our first lot of babies, some newly hatched birds which I spotted by chance in the top of a fence post while looking for a geocache. That was followed by some baby cows and followed by the cutest lamb you will ever see.

Lots of open fields followed with plenty of both sheep and cows to be seen. After Lunch, we did a slightly different version of the Coast to Coast, looping back on ourselves and following along the Old train line and Viaduct. This was a fantastic little diversion as we saw so much of interest including old bridges , wildflowers and fungus as well as some fantastic wild strawberries.


Today (Day 9) was a rest day, although I did find time to go for a walk and find some caches along the way.


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