Mount Cobbler Hike – Easter 2021

After getting all this new gear during the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, Dave and I were super keen to get out and put it all through its paces. We had both managed to get our base weight to ~7.5kg, so with water and food added, we were sitting ~12 or 13kg, a comfortable weight.

For me I had added quite a few new items including:

  • Osprey Pack
  • New R4.2 Thermarest
  • Cook system
  • Nemo Tent
  • Inreach
  • Sit Pad
  • Water Filter
  • Dry Bags

We camped overnight near to King hut after spending a couple of days making our way there geocaching along the way, camping close to Mansfield on the Friday night then Mansfield Botanic parkrun on Easter Saturday morning.

Cobbler Hike – Ignore black arrows, we went anti clockwise!

DAY 1: An Early start on Easter Sunday morning, packing up our gear and making our way to the Museli Spur trailhead. A climb gradually increasing in steepness, we were certainly not as trail fit as we could be with basically a year off any serious hike. In the first 500m we were surprised to see our first wildlife, not a kangaroo or wombat but a big black Cow!

We were following a trail I found on Trailhiking Australia which can be found HERE. We started with a gradual climb and after an hour or so, we had hiked 3km and climbed 550m in elevation. Things became easier from here and we soon found ourselves on the Speculation Road and a trudge along, turning onto the Cobbler Lake Road soon after. A real grind along here, we both went along at our own pace, arriving at the lake just after 11.

From there, we had a short break before heading for a very difficult cache down a steep and rocky hill. took us well over an hour to work out how to get to GZ, but well worth the effort.

Secret Waterfall
Geocache GC6H539 found.

Then it was a matter of getting back to the track, check out the 3D views and head for our campsite for the night along the Mount Cobbler Walking Track. Firstly we stopped to gather water from the creek, then a continuous 3.5km up hill to our campsite. Super surprised when we arrived to see a completely full camp with 4 tents setup and about 6 backpacks reserving their spots. We managed to find a nice spot right at the junction to pitch our tents.

DAY 2: An early start this morning when a herd of elephants came barreling through the campsite on their way to the summit for a sunrise viewing. We decided we may as well join them. Up we got and off we went, it was cool, but not cold, so quite a pleasant walk up the hill where the light in the distance behind us was beginning to break.

It wasnt long before we hit the summit and joint the others waiting for the sun to show its face. One of the best experiences in my hiking life.

Once back at the camp, we quickly packed up and were soon headed back to the start of our trail via the Speculation Road.

Overall an awesome overnight hike taking in some spectacular views of the Victorian high country. All the new gear went well and served its purpose. Life is short, take a hike, get out there for some fun!


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