AAWT Day 5

Day 5, Got up and out hiking around 7am, headed for dead horse gap and then Thredbo for a well deserved pub lunch.

Arrived at dead horse gap at around 10, first job was to sort out our food drop which thankfully was still in place as it was our food for the next 6 days. Once done, we headed along the 5km river trail to Thredbo  where we had half an hour to kill while waiting for the pub to open at 12. I was getting thirty so bought an overpriced bottle of drink!!

Ahh, a parma and a pint, nothing better right? Well, not in NSW, we had to settle for a parma and a scooner! WTF!! Anyway, it was great to have some real food which both Dave and I devoured in no time.

After some discussion the previous few days, we decided it was “necessary” to catch the Kosciuszko Express part way up the hill (you know, support the community etc.. :p ) so up we went, getting off at the end, we were shaken back to reality with the weight of our packs with another week’s food onboard!

7km later and we arrived at the summit and thankfully some fantastic views from the top.

Just a few more km’s today and we would be at Wilkinson Creek, our camp for the night. We were treated to a fantastic sunset too.


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