AAWT Day 7

Day 7, today was supposed to be a sort of rest day, only 15km. We managed to make it into a very tough day by taking a side trip to Valentine’s Falls, a super tough trail with pretty much just a few pink ribbons to guide the way(well, most of the way!!l

We started by Hut hopping, White’s River, Schlink, Valentine’s Huts, in pretty good time but it was here where we were slowed right down, finally after much bush bashing, climbing over and under logs until we eventually ran out of the pink ribbon trail and had to work out the rest of the way down by ourselves. Once at the bottom an amazing location that not many get to see. We had a swim, made lunch ant then continued along the river bashing our way through the low shrub until we found a path of sorts along the bank after we had crossed the river again. This was going to take a while and finally we got back to the track we left 5 hours earlier.

We then forded 2 more creeks before arriving at Gray Mare Hut much later than we had hoped.

We had not long arrived when a cyclist arrived who was doing a 1000km challenge Melbourne to Canberra. After that our companions from White’s River Hut also arrived soon after.


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