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Links – Information Sites

Australian Alps National Parks Web Site

Australian Alps Walking Track: John Chapman


Links – Trip Reports (Some last accessed October 2004)

Australian Alps Walking Track – in Stages

Some Like It On Top: Peter Galvin, Bendigo Bushwalkers

Horst H.H. Bardorf Home Page(Sutherland Bushwalking Club)

Walhalla – Mt Hotham: John McGrath, May 2000 EPIC (Australian National University Mountaineering Club)

Six Weeks On the “Track’: John McGrath, Nov 2000 EPIC

Kiandra to Kosciuszko: Nov 2002 EPIC

Kosciuszko Sea to Summit: John Henzell

Australian Alpine Walking Track: Roger Caffin

Jugglebutton’s World: The Australian Alps Walking Track

Australian Alps Walk Experiences: Ross Walker (Canberra Bushwalking Club)

Australian Alps Walking Track Notes: Bill Metzenthen


Other Resources

Australian Alps Walking Track, John Siseman
The definitive track notes for the AAWT

Australian Alps Walking Track, Ken Cleine
Diary of a walking expedition on the AAWT

Australian Alps Walking Track Map Guide
Official Guide to the AAWT

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