Hotham to Walhalla

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3 (Hotham – Walhalla) 

Day 35: Hotham Village – Mt Murray

Leaving on our final two weeks

Karen and Richard on the rarely scaled heights of Mt Hotham

Passing by Diamatina Hut” width=”299″ height=”400″>
Climbing up to the Twins (Much steeper than it looks!)

Campsite near Mt Murray

Day 36: Mt Murray – Barry Saddle
Finally some confirmation that we are getting closer!” width=”299″ height=”400″>
Some wildflowers in bloom

Lunch at Mt Selwyn South

Finally Richard saw a snake!

Day 37: Barry Saddle – Viking
Richard being apprehensive about the climb up the Viking

View of the Razor from the Viking” width=”299″ height=”400″>
Finally, the summit of the Viking (only took 9 hours)

Karen and Adriaan at the Viking Summit

Day 38: Viking Saddle – Horrible
Climbing a mist covered spur up the ‘Razor’

Adriaan contemplating the climb down from the Razor

What track???? (Mt Despair)

View of the Viking from Mt Speculation” width=”299″ height=”400″>
Finally on a well defined path from Mt Speculation

Camping in the not so aptly named ‘Horrible Gap’

Day 39: Horrible Gap – Chester’s
Sunrise over the ‘Terrible Hollow’

Climbing Mt Buggery which turned out to be really rather nice

Mist over the ‘Crosscut Saw’

Looked like a nice campsite – unfortunately no water near by” width=”299″ height=”400″>
Silhouettes from ‘Hells Window’

Adriaan overlooking ‘Hell’” width=”299″ height=”400″>
Richard finally looking happy on Mt Magdalla

Who took this photo?

Day 40: Chester’s Yards – Mt
A cairn on the aptly named Mt Clear” width=”299″ height=”400″>
More pretty vegetation

Close to the summit of Mt McDonald (The rain finally stopped)

Rocky outcrop on Mt McDonald overlooking Mt Buller

Day 41: Mt McDonald – Rumpff
Saddle” width=”299″ height=”400″>
Low Saddle – With the green ferns it’s starting to look like home

Day 42: Rumpff Saddle – Black
Richard and Karen on some clear well defined fire trail

Karen on some not so clear well defined fire trail

Camp in the leech infested hell hole called ‘Black River’

Day 43:  Black River –
Walhalla Matlock Road

Karen fording Black River (and scoring three leeches for her trouble)” width=”299″ height=”400″>
Adriaan crossing the Black

This unnamed hut was so feral that we set up our tents inside.

Day 44: Walhalla Matlock Road –
Thompson River
Our beautiful hut from the outside (can’t see the VB cans or bullet holes)

Karen and Richard engaging in a little sword play” width=”299″ height=”400″>
With this ring I thee wed – renewing our vows on Mt Easton

Day 45: Thompson River – Baw Baw
Plains” width=”299″ height=”400″>
Crossing the Thompson River (before the dam)

Now that’s a walking track!” width=”299″ height=”400″>
Karen basking in the sunshine

The final countdown

Day 46: Baw Baw Plains – Camp
Heading off on our final three days in perfect sunshine (yeah!)

The Sentinel” width=”299″ height=”400″>
After not much clear water on this section it was nice to find an alpine brook” width=”299″ height=”400″>
Look at that clear water!

Adriaan’s Bedroom (Camp Saddle at the base of Mt Saint Gwinear)

Day 47: Camp Saddle – O’Shea’s
Mill Site
The top of Mt Erica on the edge of the Baw Baw Plateau” width=”299″ height=”400″>
Adriaan at the Mushroom Rocks on Mt Erica” width=”299″ height=”400″>
More of the Mushroom Rocks

Nearly there

A log crossing to our final campsite

The weir at O’Shea’s Mill Site

Day 48: O’Shea’s Mill Site –
Walhalla” width=”299″ height=”400″>
The Poverty Point Bridge crossing the (now much larger) Thompson River

Adriaan resting before the final climb to Walhalla

Richard throwing rocks off the bridge (naughty boy!)

Done, Done, Done, Done and Done

Sight for sore eyes – the cute little town of Walhalla

The three of us making a commitment to never walk again