Thredbo to Hotham

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Day 18: Thredbo Village – Cascade Hut

DSCN0324On our way to Dead Horse Gap from Thredbo

IMGP1459 Beautiful afternoon at Cascade Hut

Day 19: Cascade Hut – Tin Mines Hut

DSCN0343 Wet day on the track

IMGP1462 Tin Mines Hut

Day 20: Tin Mines Hut – Cowombat Flat

DSCN0360 Beautiful day on top of The Pilot

DSCN0363NSW -Victoria border cairn

Day 21: Cowombat Flat – Moscow Creek Flats (The Cobberas)

Both sides of the Murray River
Both sides of the Murray River
Moscow Saddle Campsite
Moscow Saddle Campsite – Richard
and Karen filtering water

Day 22: Moscow Creek Flats – Limestone Creek

DSCN0377 Original style Alpine Track marker

DSCN0392 Taking it easy at Limestone Creek campsite

Day 23: Limestone Creek (Rest Day)

Limestone Hut
Limestone Hut

DSCN0384 Richard and Adriaan sitting in the sun outside Limestone Hut

Day 24: Limestone Creek – Mount Murphy

IMGP1507 Mount Murphy campsite

DSCN0399 Old mining bits at Mount Murphy

Day 25: Mount Murphy – Buenba Creek

DSCN0401 Beautiful day along the flats

IMGP1514 One of our favourite markers – The Cut Log

Day 26: Buenba Creek – Benambra-Corryong Road (Food Drop)

The Closest Brumby yet
The Closest Brumby yet at Johnnies Top

DSCN0407 Plenty of water available on Johnnies Top

IMGP1529 Richard and Karen resting on Johnnies Top

Day 27: Benambra-Corryong Road – Four Mile Creek

Almost Losing my Pack in Morass Creek
Almost Losing Adriaan’s Pack in Morass Creek

DSCN0416 Richard looking cool about crossing the Mitta Mitta River

Pedestrian suspension bridge over the Mitta Mitta

IMGP1545 Adriaan cooling off in Four Mile Creek

Day 28: Four Mile Creek – Mount Wills

IMGP1548 Karen and Richard getting to top of Eight Mile Loop track

IMGP1549 Marker on the corner of Eight Mile Loop track

DSCN0425 Adriaan crossing Gill Creek via slippery log

IMGP1553 Climbing our way from Gill Creek through the ferns

IMGP1560 Our first look at the Mount Wills Hut

IMGP1556 The night sky at Mount Wills

Day 29: Mount Wills – Cleve Cole Hut


Just after sunrise at Mount Wills Hut

Sunrise on Moount Wills
The morning sun bearing down on Mount Wills Hut

DSCN0444 Views from the top of Mount Wills

DSCN0454 Adriaan and Richard on the Long Spur to Bogong

Day 30: Cleve Cole Hut – Edmundson Hut

Sunrise Outside Cleve Cole Hut
Sunrise Outside Cleve Cole Hut

IMGP1575 The sun trying to break free along the track to the top of Mount Bogong

IMGP1578 Cleve Cole Memorial Hut

DSCN0473 Howman Falls (Top)

DSCN0474 Karen at Howman Falls (Middle)

Pole Countdown to #1 - Mount Hotham
Pole 1098 – Countdown to #1 – Mount Hotham

DSCN0452 A snow gum sucking up a trail marker

IMGP1607 Karen crossing the not-so-big Big River

IMGP1612 Adriaan crossing the river moments later

IMGP1621 Site of Ropers Hut (lost in fires of Jan 2003)

DSCN0479 Richard and Adriaan taking a break at Ropers Hut site

Day 31: Edmundson Hut – Dibbins Hut

DSCN0480 Edmundson Hut on a cold morning

IMGP1628 Wallaces “Historic” Hut

Karen and Richard standing in the rain at Wallaces Hut

Cope Hut
Cope Hut after the rain had stopped


IMGP1632 SEC Hut in the distance

Where too now? Cobungra Gap Sounds Nice
Where too now? Cobungra Gap Sounds Nice
333 Poles to Mount Hotham Car Park
Pole 333 – Our meeting point and Cobungra Gap turning point

Day 32: Dibbins Hut – Mount Hotham

IMGP1646 Dibbins Hut

Derrick Hut
Derrick Hut on the way to Hotham

DSCN0487 Richard with our next two weeks in the background

IMGP1649 First look at Hotham village

IMGP1652 The
Charles Derrick memorial cairn

IMGP1657 Chopper about to take supplies for two replacement huts on Mount Feathertop

IMGP1661 This
chopper was to take people to the construction site

DSCN0489 The tunnel to Hotham Village