Trailwalker & Keeping Fit

I have been taking part in Oxfam Trailwalker Event on and Off since 2013. It had been a thought in the back of my mind for some time when I was asked just a month before the 2013 event if I could fill in for someone that had to drop out. With a little hesitation due to a lack of training time available I jumped onboard to help the cause. I have done 3 other trailwalkers since then.

2013 – With Geocaching Friends Philipp, Jim and Josie, my first Trailwalker where, despite the limited training, I managed to cross the line with the whole team intact.

2015 – With my fellow geocachers Peter “Pete The Clown”, Day “Day1976” and Joe AKA “ThePacman”. Unfortunately Day was unable to complete the 100km, pulling out at 75km mark. The 3 remaining ran the last couple of hundred metres so we could get under 25 hours and crossed @ 24:59

2016 – With My Brother Richard, My Sister-in-law Karen and a Kiwi Friend Peter.

2017 – Unable to walk due to back issues

2018 – After registering, again had to pull out due to back issues

2019 – Together with another geocaching team, BuhFuhGuh, Ruverbug Jam and loz6032. Sadly I was the only one who managed to cross the finish line, but happily I was able to join another geocaching and finished the final 2 stages with Warren AKA “Marcus Vitruvius” and Frauke from “The Levers”

2020 – Joining another team for my 5th Trailwalker, we Have geocachers Ross “The Welder”, Warren AKA “Marcus Vitruvius” and my brother Richard who caches occasionally under “Misthills” – Cancelled event due to coronavirus

2021 – Have put together the same team as 2020. Fingers crossed there is no COVID issues. The training begins!

More to come…

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