AAWT 2021 > Hotham to Taylors Crossing

Food Prep – August 2021

Dave and I are planning on doing a 2 week section of the AAWT in November 2021 should the Covid gods allow it. We have been gathering new and replacement gear over the last 18 months and are very keen to make use of it. This will be Dave’s first multi week Hike.

Stage 1, Prepare…

Time to start Dehydrating in the hopes that we get released by Mid November

So with lots of spare time at home due to this bloody pandemic, I figured it was time to start trialing some dehydrating of various stuff to see if we like it and make sure it is simple to re-hydrate.

Hike Plan

So, the initial plan was to go from Falls Creek to Thredbo but due to border closures and restrictions, we have slightly adjusted the plan and will start at the Mount Loch Car park at Mount Hotham and Finish at Cowombat Flat on the VIC/NSW Border.

Here is the plan, Thanks to Gaia Maps.

Currently(as of 13/9/21) sections of the track between Buenba Flat and Limestone Creek are closed due to the 2019/2020 Fires. We are hoping by the time we get on trail, these parts will be accessible again.

Part of the highlighted section is closed, alternate is a much bigger couple of days than hoped

Update: 27/10/2021

Well, it is getting real now. With the Victorian governments announcement of freedom to leave the metro area beginning at 6PM on Friday, this planned hike will finally go ahead. Food drops are being prepped, last minute items being purchased. Annual leave approved by both mine and Dave’s company. The anticipation is unbearable.

With that, it is time to start preparing the food drops. We certainly have more drops than we need but its great to know we will have a lighter pack weight as a result.

The beginnings of the food drop prep

Shakedown Hike 2/11/21

Today was Melbourne Cup day and with no interest in horse races, Dave and I filled our packs and headed out for a short shakedown hike in Warrandyte State Park. The place was packed, but once we got out of the car park, we were virtually on our own.

The idea of todays hike was along with finding some geocaches, to make sure our gear worked in a hiking situation and everything fit into our packs. Result was good, with some early pack adjustments, both packs felt good on us, even with a full load.

We have both had our annual leave at our respective workplaces approved, so bring on November 19th and some adventure.