Western Australia Trip 2016 Day 11

May 31st 2016

Campsite “1” to Serpentine Creek.

I am going to call this campsite 1, although I will be packing up camp each day, I will be starting from here. Basic facilities but, what can you ask from a free camp….

After picking up the kayak last night, I headed for a recommended entry point for the Serpentine River. It was a glorious day and with much paddling in front of me, the early start was a good idea. I intended to get to a point near a big “Lake” area that had a D5/T5 cache. I managed to make it, picking up some caches along the way, but was cutting it very fine, with the possibility of not getting back to the car before dark, I had to abandon the caches on the way back, leaving them for tomorrow and paddling like a pro, I managed to get back to the launch point by about 5pm. What a day, I will certainly sleep well tonight.

Stopped off at the shops for provisions on the way back to Campsite “1” and was cooking dinner by 6.30.



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