Western Australia Trip 2016 Day 18

June 7th 2016

Roadside stop, 100km from Norseman to Roadside stop just over the WA/SA Border.

Again, not too much to tell today, mainly driving and it rained a large proportion of the day. I was keen to stop at Cocklebiddy caves which was about 10km of the main road, but in hindsite, I probably shouldnt have, as after the rain, the roads were slippery as all hell and I constantly felt the car sliding, finding it difficult to get any traction at all. Anyway, I did make it, gathered the info for the nearby earth cache and slip slided my way back to the main road, praying that I didnt get bogged. Anyway, I made it back alive from my very first 4WD expidition. WOO HOO, YEE HAR. My car is REALLY dirty now!!

Anyway, after that excitement, I continued along to just over the border where I set up camp for the night. A wonderful sunset was seen just over the border, so I had to stop for a couple of photo’s.



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