Coast to Coast UK 2019 – Day 1

St Bees to Cleator (15.17km)

So, after a year or more of planning, the day had finally arrived, to begin our C2C journey. After what was initially a “Sounds Cool” Idea from Olga, eventually became reality.

So we hit the road this morning and were almost instantly greeted with a rain shower and fierce winds. We had not even hit the start of the trail yet.


At the start line, the rain was heavy enough to require our jackets. We took the obligatory photo and then performed the C2C ritual of dipping our toes into the Irish Sea, followed by selecting a pebble from the beach to take with us to the end at Robin Hoods Bay. Now the hiking begun in earnest. Around 14km to be done today, a nice little introduction.

We began by going along the coast for a little bit, then heading inland towards Sandwith. The pace was slow but steady and didnt take long before the rain wend away and the sun came out to say hello!

After a quick bite to eat in Sandwith, we continued our way inland, starting to get a little tired and sore towards the end of day 1. Managed to stop along the way to pickup our second traditional cache along the way before checking into our B&B for the night.


The Adventure will continue tomorrow with a shorter day.


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